In time for International Women's Day...

Planningtorock is set to release her new EP 'MISOGYNY DROP DEAD EP' on March 8th.

Real name Janine Rostron, Planningtorock has always exploded definitions of gender. Producing dark electronica, her stage show often blurs the lines between what society tags as masculine and feminine.

Now the Berlin based artist seems close to producing her most confrontational statement yet. 'MISOGYNY DROP DEAD EP' is an urgent work, typically outspoken, and will be released on March 9th - International Women's Day.

Available through Human Level Recordings, Planningtorock has supplied the following quote: “There's a feeling... a sense of urgency in the air...things are going wrong and some things have never been right...”

Here's the lead track.

Hear the drum
de-genderize all intellect
funky idea, touch more than that
Misogyny drop dead and dump the script
step by step lets walk towards step step step, the next step

Power in your head say the words replace what they said
2013 our time is ahead
we do know what we want & we know that you
you've got the power to prove

A1. Misogyny Drop Dead
A2. Agender
B1. Public Love

'MISOGYNY DROP DEAD EP' is set to be released on March 8th.


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