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Planningtorock is set to release new album 'All Love’s Legal' on February 10th.

Raised in Sheffield, Jam Rostron only seemed to find herself in Berlin. Allowed the space to truly re-invent herself, the songwriter began melding industrial, electronic and traditional songcraft into new shapes.

Increasingly focussed on gender politics and sexual identity, new album 'All Love's Legal' is an uncompromising return. Rostron aims to lay waste to "sickness within society, the genderization of intellect and skill in almost any profession".

Featuring material from last year's 'Misogyny Drop Dead' EP, much of the new album could seemingly be described as existing within the frameworks of house and techno.

Yet if it follows the lead of last year's EP, then we should expect plenty of barbed edges, exploratory twists in those pulsing grooves. Check out the clip for preview cut 'Welcome' - directed by Planningtorock herself - HERE.

1. Welcome
2. All Love's Legal
3. Human Drama
4. Answer Land
5. Let's Talk About Gender Baby
6. Words Are Glass
7. Misogyny Drop Dead
8. Beyond Binary Binds
9. Steps
10. Public Love
11. Purple Love
12. Patriarchy Over & Out

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