Rap artist not happy...

Plan B has ranted against the Conservatives, lambasting their treatment of arts and culture funding.

Times are tough. Last year's extensive rioting seemed to demonstrate a divide in the country, between those who lives were progressing and those whose lives simply were not.

Stepping into the fray, Plan B recently showcased the video for his track 'iLL Manors'. Clearly referencing the riots, the video was accompanied by a strongly worded statement outlining the rapper's intent.

Now Plan B has mounted an attack against the Conservative party. Speaking to the NME, the rapper explained his thoughts about last summer's riots.

"When the riots happened, I was so upset. The only people I cared about was the kids. I thought, 'Ah, for fuck's sake, you've just made things 10 times harder for yourselves. Society? David Cameron? You've just played right into their hands. You've just proved everything they've been saying'."

Continuing, Plan B criticised the way funding for arts and culture has been treated. "The Conservatives come along, all pig-headed and go, 'Ooh, that's (arts and culture funding) a waste of money'. This is what fucking happens, mate."

'iLL Manors' - the single - is out now. Plan B will release the album of the same name on May 14th.

Watch the video for 'iLL Manors' below.


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