T-shirt lands singer in hot water...

Plan B has unwittingly caused a storm after wearing a t-shirt which seemingly references neo-Nazi group Skrewdriver.

Appearing on the cover of an issue of Shortlist earlier this month, you will no doubt have clocked that Plan B is on defiant form. Sadly, though, his choice of t-shirt for the cover shoot appears to have instigated a row online.

Plan B is shown wearing a t-shirt which appears to be emblazoned with the name of neo-Nazi group Skrewdriver - perhaps the most successful of a wave of Far Right aligned punk groups who emerged from the UK in the late 70s and early 80s. The Quietus quickly flagged up the issue, and brought the photograph to wider attention over the weekend.

Responding, Plan B has issued a very sincere statement in which he apologises for any offence the t-shirt may have caused.

"I was ignorant to the existence of the band Skrewdriver. I don't listen to music like that so I wouldn't know the names of bands that make that music. I was wearing a t-shirt I created using a photograph from the photographer Gavin Watson's book Skins. I asked him if I could print shots from his book on to t-shirts. I made a number of these t-shirts. Gavin's photos are relevant to me because they represent the demonised youth of the past. Just like my generation of young people are demonised in the media to all be hoodie wearing thugs and chavs so were the skinheads in the 80's.”

"Not all of them were racist but because some of them were, the rest were all tarred with the same brush. That is why I feel the images of the skinheads represented in Gavin's work are relevant to me and this generation. Gavin is a friend and the people he took photos of were his friends who listened to reggae and ska music. He documented life in those times, some of the people he shot may have been racists but his family and close friends weren't.”

Which is, of course, absolutely on the money. ‘Skins’ is a simply beautiful evocation of an often mis-understood look – in fact, it is one of the most important books on British street fashion ever compiled.

Find it on Amazon HERE.

The Quietus have since apologised for including potentially mis-leading information in their initial report. Find that apology HERE.

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