Singer works with Chapman Brothers

Iconic British songwriter PJ Harvey has teamed up with BritArt renegades The Chapman Brothers for her new video.

Harvey emerged in the early 90s blending raw blues driven rock with a searing personal view of life as a modern British woman. The singer was acclaimed for albums such as 'Dry' and frequently worked with fellow musician John Parish.

The two separated over a decade ago, however they have re-united to work on the new album 'A Woman A Man Walked By'. The first single from that record will be 'Black Hearted Love' and will come backed with an unusual new promo video.

The Chapman Brothers are famed for their depiction of battle scenes in iconic paintings recreated using children's toys. Graphic, gory and strangely moving the artworks infuriated the press but excited critics with their visceral imagination.

Harvey and Parish said: "We were both very excited that Jake and Dinos Chapman wanted to make a video for 'Black Hearted Love'. The result is beautiful, mysterious, surreal and enhances the song wonderfully."

The Chapman Brothers in turn said "We decided 'Black Hearted Love' deserved something haunting and enigmatic – yet brazen and colourful. Hence, a collision between an ominous forest and a garish bouncy castle seemed entirely appropriate. Working with Polly and John was an absolute pleasure.”

PJ Harvey and John Parish release their new single 'Black Hearted Love' on April 13th.

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