More projects in the pipeline

PJ Harvey has revealed that she would like to release poetry, paintings and other art works.

PJ Harvey has always drawn from a wider cultural backdrop than simply pop music. Returning with her new album 'Let England Shake' earlier this year, the lyrics were a carefully researched dissection of the relationship between national character and warfare.

A rich, rewarding experience the album has been followed by some spectacular live shows. Now it seems that PJ Harvey could open up a new project, after admitting that she would love to release her poetry and paintings.

Speaking to SpinnerMusic, the singer explained that she initially wanted to be a visual artist before music intervened.

"My initial beginnings were as a visual artist, not a musician," she revealed. "I was going to do a degree in sculpture at a place to go onto study sculpture, but then the path towards music opened up for me. I had an opportunity to make a record and it took me away from ever doing that."

PJ Harvey was able to showcase her love of the visual arts last year. The singer took charge of Francis Ford Coppola's All-Story magazine, which included a few drawings from Harvey herself.

Mixing her artistic ambitions with touring, the songwriter claimed that a release could be in the pipeline. "I'd like to do more because I just moved into doing oil painting as well, which I'm really enjoying and I'd like to spend more time doing that," she said.

"I'm also a keen writer, not just of songs, but of poetry, short prose, short stories. I'd like to release regularly my extraneous works, drawings and writings that aren't songs, but just other things that I do."

Meanwhile, PJ Harvey will continue to tour throughout the summer. The singer is set to appear at I'll Be Your Mirror on July 23rd, with Portishead inviting Harvey along to the Alexandra Palace.

Elsewhere, PJ Harvey is due to perform at this year's Bestival, visiting Robin Hill Country park on September 8th.

'Let England Shake' is out now.

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