'The Words That Maketh Murder'

PJ Harvey is set to release her new single 'The Words That Maketh Murder' on January 17th.

One of Britain's most striking songwriters, PJ Harvey continues to challenge herself and others' expectations. Once again pushing out under her own name, the singer recently completed an unusual new album.

'Let England Shake' was recorded in an abandoned church in her home country of Dorset, with the decaying surroundings lending a certain majesty to the recordings.

Due for release later this Spring, the album will be preceded by new single 'The Words That Maketh Murder'. Set to be released on January 17th, the track will be coupled with the exclusive new song 'The Guns Called Me Back Again'.

Recorded during the sessions for 'Let England Shake' the additional track is much more than mere B-side fodder. Typically, PJ Harvey has put more passion into a flipside than many bands do in their entire career.

Due for release on January 17th, the upcoming single is set to be accompanied by a series of films. Shot by Seamus Murphy, the acclaimed war photographer has completed a number of short movies to illustrate the new album.

Watch the film HERE.

Meanwhile, PJ Harvey has added more shows to her live schedule. The singer is set to perform at the Portishead curated 'I'll Be Your Mirror' on July 23rd, playing in the London venue Alexandra Palace.

With more festival shows set to be added, 2011 should see PJ Harvey return to stalk the fields of Great Britain!

PJ Harvey is due to release 'The Words That Maketh Murder' on January 17th.

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