'Stay True' due on July 22nd...

PINS are on the comeback trail, with new single 'Stay True' due to be released on July 22nd.

Arriving in a blizzard of lipstick, leather jackets and no small measure of hype, PINS were perhaps right to take time off. Secluding themselves away, the band were forced to part company with their drummer before entering a studio in Liverpool to begin fresh recording sessions.

Working in a bare stone room with new drummer Sophie, the band were able to gain a sense of focus. "When we met Sophie we all clicked. Sophie is a musician by trade and is really focused on being in the band and making it work. We’re all really dedicated and put a lot of time in – did we mention we are a Girl Gang? Sophie has lots of touring and recording experience, which has been great for us".

The results are striking, with new single 'Stay True' / 'Get With Me' set to be released on July 22nd. Of the A-side, PINS said: "For this track, we wanted something a little slower but just as intense as the other song on the side... Gang vocals are an important part of this song".

Listen to it below.

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PINS are set to release their new single 'Stay True' / 'Get With Me' on July 22nd.

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