Thirty five date run announced

Pink Floyd singer Roger Waters has unveiled plans to tour the classic album 'The Wall'.

Released in 1979, 'The Wall' was a brave statement. A prog rock concept album at a time when punk's onslaught was at its most ferocious, Pink Floyd encapsulated a very personal story based on the decline of a rock star.

Later turned into a movie, the album is often regarded as the band's artistic high point. A landmark recording, it was given a lavish tour when Pink Floyd decided to build and destroy a genuine wall each night.

Going down in rock history as one of the most lavish tours of all time, singer Roger Waters is to re-visit the album on a lengthy series of dates.

Opening in Toronto on September 15th, the new jaunt will include some thirty five dates. Roger Waters left Pink Floyd in the mid 80s, soon after the initial tour for 'The Wall' ended.

However the band famously continued on without the singer, who attempted to sue his one time band mates in order to re-gain control of the name. Pink Floyd reformed for the Live8 concert, but the death of keyboard player Rick Wright seems to have sealed off any hope of the group touring again.

Roger Waters has done an able job of preserving the group's legacy. The singer played an epic concert in Berlin after the wall came tumbling down, treating the audience to an epic performance of the 1979 album.

The new tour will take in dates across the United States, including two nights in Chicago and a concert at New York's Madison Square Garden. Finishing with a concert in Anaheim, California on December 13th tickets for the vast North American tour are available to buy now.

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