Prog legends rule themselves out

Pink Floyd have officially ruled themselves out of the Olympics closing ceremony.

Pink Floyd are at a strange juncture in their career. Rumours persist that the band could go back on the road, although it often seems that any potential tour is further away than ever.

Chatting on Australian radio station Nova, acoustic strummer Ed Sheeran claimed that Pink Floyd were set to perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympics. "I'm playing the closing ceremony - which I think is kinda cool right? A lot of people think that I'm doing a song with The Who but I'm not - I'm doing a song with Pink Floyd. I'm doing 'Wish You Were Here'."

Ed Sheeran and Pink Floyd? It's a wonder speculation lasted as long as it did. Moving to dismiss the claims, the band issued the following curt statement:

"In response to press speculation, Pink Floyd state that the band is NOT performing at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games."

So that's that. Here's 'One Of These Days' live from the ruins of Pompeii.


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