Cameron Crowe tipped to direct

Hugely successful Seattle grunge gods Pearl Jam are set to be immortalised on the silver screen.

Founded by Eddie Vedder in the early 90s, Pearl Jam emerged just as the grunge boom was beginning to take place. Their debut album 'Ten' was a huge hit and the group went on to become one of America's most successful and respected acts.

Their success belies Vedder's years of working with underground rock acts, while the band have also had their detractors - notably late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. However the story of Pearl Jam straddles the shifting currents of American music, leaving the band as virtually the only survivor from that iconic Seattle scene.

According to MTV Movie News the band will have their story turned into a film for 2011 - the group's 20th anniversary. Guitarist Mike McCready told Seattle’s “Ron & Don Show” that the group is “trying to do a movie with Cameron Crowe with all of our existing footage.”

Cameron Crowe began life as a music reporter for Rolling Stone. However he has since moved into films, most notably 'Almost Famous' a partially auto-biographical story of a young Rolling Stone writer.

Cameron Crowe has worked with Pearl Jam before, on the Generation X movie 'Singles' which guest starred members of the band, while his record company Vinyl Films helped the group re-package 'Ten'. In addition to this, Crowe also had a helping hand in the making of 'Pearl Jam: Single Video Theory' a previous short film by the group.

Pearl Jam are set to re-release each of their studio albums in the run up to their 20th anniversary, beginning with 'Ten'. Their ninth album is due to be released before the end of the year.

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