"...warm; lush, round, heavy on the psychedelics.”
Peaking Lights

Peaking Lights are set to release 'Lucifer In Dub' via Weird World on December 10th.

Peaking Lights have never hid their debt to Jamaican dub pioneers such as King Tubby and Scientist. Eager to explore the infinite recesses of bass, the American duo add a splintered, dark side of the psych element to their music.

Recently releasing new album 'Lucifer' it seems that the pair have already crafted an alternate version. A re-working in the dub tradition, 'Lucifer In Dub' is set to be released on December 10th and presents their material in a fresh light.

Mastered by Sonic Boom, the album finds Peaking Lights re-interpreting their own material. “Before 'Lucifer' even had a song written or a name to it we had the ‘light bulb skull rattle’ that we had to do a dub for whatever was to come out of the studio session at Gary's Electric”, Aaron Coyes reflected. “After spending the better half of the year on tour we managed to finally settle in to a spot in Echo Park where we set up a small studio and got physical with dubbing out the Lucifer LP. We have always loved the challenge of approaching the music we make from a new angle, and although the dub aspect to the music we make may be there in structure this is the first time we have laid it down by playing as the engineers.”

“Both of us really love how Lucifer in Dub turned out. We wanted it to have a different feel with the mastering; Shawn Reed of Night-People who put out our early recordings introduced us to Sonic Boom who we met while on tour and later worked with mastering some of our remixes. He really understood the sound we were after, there was no compromise in the low end, he gets our zone - warm; lush, round, heavy on the psychedelics.”

Stream preview cut 'My Heart Dubs 4 U' below.

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'Lucifer In Dub' is set to be released on December 10th.

Cosmick Dub 
My Heart Dubs 4 U 
Beautiful Dub
Live Dub
Dub Low Dub High
Midnight Dub


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