'Dragonfly' due on December 17th
Paul Weller

Paul Weller is set to release his new EP 'Dragonfly' on December 17th.

Paul Weller's creative resurgence has been a joy to witness. Casting aside those Modfather aspersions, the legendary songwriter has taken renewed risks with recent album 'Sonik Kicks' boasting some of his most daring material in decades.

However the songs which made the cut weren't the only ones recorded during those sessions. Various tracks have since emerged, placed on expanded editions or alternative versions of 'Sonik Kicks' suggesting that the recording process was especially fruitful.

Upcoming EP 'Dragonfly' gathers together some of those offcuts. The title cut appeared on 'Sonik Kicks' but the remaining material is largely unreleased / difficult to get hold of.

Out on December 17th, the full tracklisting is as follows:

A1. Dragonfly
A2. Lay down your weary burden
A3. Portal to the past

B1. Devotion
B2. We got a lot
B3. The Piper

Here's 'Dragonfly'.

The cover art is particularly notable. The sleeve design for 'Dragonfly' was crafted by Sir Peter Blake, whose previous collaboration on a Weller release resulted in the ever-popular collage artwork for 1995's 'Stanley Road'.

'Dragonfly' is set to be released on December 17th.


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