Documentary, re-issue package due

Paul Simon is set to re-visit his phenomenally successful album 'Graceland' in time for its 25th anniversary.

'Graceland' is a wallpaper album - so incredibly popular that you barely even notice it any more. A virtually ubiquitous cultural artefact, it laid waste to charts around the world on its release and remains a high water mark for Paul Simon's solo career.

Yet initially, the album was shrouded in controversy. In time for the 25th anniversary of 'Graceland' director Joe Berlinger has pieced together a new documentary exposing the roots of the project.

Recorded in South Africa, the initial recording sessions led to accusations that Paul Simon had broken a UN cultural boycott which was designed to aid the end of the Apartheid regime.

'Paul Simon: Under African Skies' re-visits this controversy, telling the story behind the evergreen album. Paul Simon himself assists throughout, with the director following the singer as he attempts to piece together a re-union concert featuring each of the original musicians.

Featuring contributions from Quincy Jones, Harry Belafonte, Paul McCartney, David Byrne and Peter Gabriel, 'Paul Simon: Under African Skies' looks to be the final word on the classic album.

Set to debut at the Sundance Festival later this year, the film is apparently in line to be shown on a major British television network.

Meanwhile, a new edition of 'Graceland' is being prepared to coincide with the album's 25th anniversary. Re-masted with a number of bonus tracks, the box set will be packaged with Joe Berlinger's documentary.

The box set is set to come out in May, with an exact release date yet to be determined.

Watch the video for 'Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes' below...

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'Paul Simon: Under African Skies' is due to be released later this year.

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