...as he defends Miley Cyrus
Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is set to play a free one off in-store in London this week.

One of the most successful musicians on the planet, Paul McCartney continues to push himself. Heading back into the studio, the former Beatle attracted a range of high profile collaborators to keep him on his toes.

The results are gathered on 'New'. Clash Magazine editor Simon Harper is clearly a fan, marvelling at the collection's "solid foundations, spontaneous energy, and frequent naked emotions."

Released this week, 'New' will be accompanied by a flurry of activities, including an in-store at HMV's re-vamped Oxford Street branch. The building was previously a studio, and it was here in 1961 that The Beatles recorded the demo version of 'Love Me Do' which they then presented to George Martin.

Taking place at 3pm this Friday (October 18th) Paul McCartney is set to play a short set at the central London venue. 60 tickets will be given away to fans as competition prizes via the singer's social networks - keep your eyes peeled for details.

Elsewhere, Paul McCartney has commented on the ongoing debate around Miley Cyrus. Referring to her 'explicit' VMA performance, the former Beatle told Sky News: "I don't think it was explicit at all. You couldn't see anything... I watched it as an experiment to check, but you look at it and you say, 'What's everyone shouting about?' She's a young girl - she's like only 20 or something - and she's just having a go. Someone said to me that the world that people like Miley live in is all noise and they've got to get above the noise. So they've got to do something."

"I think it was only mildly shocking. She was dancing with Robin Thicke at the awards. So what? C'mon, we've all seen worse than that." (via NME)

'New' is out now.

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