"It's a disgrace" he says

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has entered the debate over the Gulf oil spill, labelling it "a disgrace".

The world runs on oil. Billions of gallons are exhumed and consumed every day, causing huge damage to the environment. But the ongoing oil spill in the Mexican Gulf has dwarfed anyone's expectations.

Causing enormous damage, numerous attempts to cap the leak have failed. Travelling to The White House for a special ceremony, Sir Paul McCartney stopped to tell reporters his thoughts on the situation.

“It’s a disgrace,” said McCartney. “I think the fact that something like that could happen and the people who are to blame don’t have the ability to instantly cap it and clean it up, it’s something that’s got to be addressed.”

However the singer refused to be drawn on possible solutions to the problem. “I’m not a politician, so I wouldn’t know" he said simply.

The situation in the Gulf is ongoing, with the spill causing huge damage to the environment. The spill is set to reach the United States coastline shortly.

Paul McCartney was performing at a special ceremony for Stevie Wonder, who had been awarded the Gershwin prize for music by President Barack Obama. “I will say, I’m a big fan,” McCartney said of the president.

“He’s a great guy. So lay off of him" he added. "For an English kid growing up in Liverpool — the White House, that’s pretty special".

Later, Paul McCartney claimed that he sometimes had problems remembering jut how many songs he has written. "There’s just too many for me to retain. I don’t know them all. There’s just a few that I could do if I’m at a party and there’s a piano.”

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