'Kisses On The Bottom'

Paul McCartney has decided to name his new solo album 'Kisses On The Bottom'.

Heading back into the studio last year, Paul McCartney decided to pay tribute to the pre-rock 'n' roll standards which influence his songwriting. Recording sessions at Capital Records, the singer re-visited some of his earliest musical memories.

Gathering the sessions onto a new album, Paul McCartney kept the title under wraps. Now the songwriter has revealed that the forthcoming LP is set to be titled - wait for it - 'Kisses On The Bottom'.

No sniggering at the back!

Of course, what Paul McCartney is referring to are kisses on the bottom of a letter. Due to be released later this year, 'Kisses On The Bottom' follows a hugely successful 2011 for the Beatles icon.

An international solo tour was completed in some style, with McCartney visiting his hometown of Liverpool. Speaking to the Sunday Express, the songwriter commented on the nature of large scale shows.

Paul McCartney was joined by sound engineer Paul Pablo Boothroyd, who apparently revealed that some big name acts rely on backing tracks. Refusing to divulge who these acts are, the Beatles icon said: We are glad at the end five of us take a bow and there is nobody hidden under the stage either which I hear some naughty people do… sorry, I won’t say names.

Continuing, McCartney said: "When we make mistakes playing live, we always now turn it and say, ‘Tell you what – this proves we are live'."

Despite five decades in the music industry, Paul McCartney still makes the odd mistake. Closing his British tour in Liverpool, the songwriter leaned out at the edge of the stage and almost toppled off...

Paul McCartney is set to release 'Kisses On The Bottom' on February 6th.

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