'Last Night At The Jetty' due

Panda Bear is set to release his new seven inch single 'Last Night At The Jetty' on December 6th.

It's the new Blur vs Oasis! Well, sort of... Two members of Animal Collective are releasing solo projects, and ClashMusic just can't quite decide who out of Panda Bear and Avey Tare to support.

Avey Tare's dark, cryptic new album is out now with Panda Bear's new record to follow. 'Tomboy' will be released at the end of the year, following a series of single releases on different labels.

Seven inch releases have already dropped on Paw Tracks, Domino and more with Fat Cat the latest imprint to be entrusted with new material.

Taken from his new album, Panda Bear's single 'Last Night At The Jetty' is due to be released on December 6th. Limited to just 3000 copies, the single is almost certain to be a highly sought after collector's item.

Part of a series of singles, 'Last Night At The Jetty' re-visits Panda Bear's previous album 'Person Pitch'. A uniquely uplifting track, the Animal Collective songwriter loops his voice around a scattering of electronic sounds.

With the bare minimum of production, 'Last Night At The Jetty' is backed by the even sparser flipside 'Drone'. Panda Bear removes the beat altogether, leaving behind the honeyed vocals like a one man choir.

Part of a four single sequence, the tracks will then be bundled onto 'Tomboy'. Due for release later this year, the album will act as a unique counterpoint to Avey Tare's album, representing a rare chance to peel apart the songwriters who drive Animal Collective.

Panda Bear is due to release 'Last Night At The Jetty' on December 6th.

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