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Animal Collective

Panda Bear has supplied unreleased music for his wife Fernanda Pereira's new fashion project.

For a while there, Panda Bear's solo career almost seemed to overtake Animal Collective. A frequent collaborator, the American artist worked with the likes of Zomby and Atlas Sound before delivering 2011's 'Tomboy'.

Since then, though, the songwriter has been relatively quiet. Touring with Animal Collective, Panda Bear has also focussed on his duties as a husband and father.

Which leads, somewhat appropriately, to his next project. The songwriter is married to fashion designer Fernanda Pereira, whose upcoming S/S 2014 line is called DESPERSONALIZAÇÃO.

An advert for the line went online a few moments ago, featuring new music from Panda Bear. Retaining the sample-delic feel he perfected on 'Person Pitch' there's a brutality, an edge to the sound which is quite new.

Listen to it below. (via Pitchfork)

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