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Owen Pallett

Formerly recording under the name Final Fantasy, Owen Pallett is perhaps best known through his collaborative work.

A frequent figure in Arcade Fire recording sessions, the Canadian musician is continually in-demand due to his lavish arrangements.

Returning to his solo guise, Owen Pallett has confirmed plans for a new album. 'In Conflict' is set to be released on May 12th, and features contributions from Brian Eno and The Czech FILMharmonic Orchestra.

"The record is meant to approach 'insanity' in a positive way" Pallett states. "Depression, addiction, gender trouble, and the creative state are presented as positive, loveable, empathetic ways of being. Not preferable, per se, but all as equal, valid positions that we experience, which make us human".

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'In Conflict' is set to be released on May 12th via CD, LP, double LP and digital download. Tracklisting:

1. I Am Not Afraid
2. In Conflict
3. On A Path
4. Song For Five & Six
5. The Secret Seven
6. Chorale
7. The Passions
8. The Sky Behind The Flag
9. ---> (1)
10. The Riverbed
11. Infernal Fantasy
12. Soldiers Rock
13. ---> (2)

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