Rolling Stones, Oasis Recorded There

Olympic Studios, the one time home of The Rolling Stones, Oasis, Jimi Hendrix and many more, may be forced to close its doors because of money problems.

The Olympic Studios have resided in Barnes, London for over forty years with current residents including U2. According to press reports the studio is facing a monetary crisis, with owners EMI being told they may have to shut the studio. EMI themselves have endured constant economic difficulties.

A report in The Evening Standard names a source a saying "the fact is the studios are not profitable, like many British studios". Before adding that "you can't get as much business as you used to in the past. And there's no sign of that situation improving."

Amongst the classic albums recorded at Olympic Studios is Jimi Hendrix's iconoclastic debut album 'Are You Experienced?'. Released in 1967 it was an instant classic in the psychedelic era. in addition to this, both Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones recorded classic singles there.

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