Recorded entirely without computers...
of Montreal

of Montreal are set to release their new album 'lousy with sylvianbriar' later this year.

Kevin Barnes never approaches anything the same twice. The creative force behind of Montreal, last year's 'Paralytic Stalks' was a stunning display of imagination. Largely recorded at home using computer software to build up its many layers, it seems that Barnes has already tired of this method.

Announcing a new album, of Montreal have foregone computers for something rather more old fashioned. Recorded using a 24 track tape machine, 'lousy with sylvianbriar' is billed as a return to classicism from the band.

Recorded in only three weeks, the recording process apparently emphasised spontaneity over the measured process behind 'Paralytic Stalks'.

"I knew I wanted the process to be more in line with the way people used to make albums in the late 60s and early 70s," Barnes revealed recently. "I wanted to work fast and to maintain a high level of spontaneity and immediacy. I wanted the songs to be more lyric driven, and for the instrumental arrangements to be understated and uncluttered".

Listen to preview track 'Fugitive Air' below.

'lousy with sylvianbriar' is set to be released on October 8th via Polyvinyl. Tracklisting:

1. fugitive air
2. obsidian currents
3. belle glade missionaries
4. sirens of your toxic spirit
5. colossus
6. triumph of disintegration
7. amphibian days
8. she ain't speakin' now
9. hegira émigré
10. raindrop in my skull
11. imbecile rages

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