New York group send Clash some postcards...

Life on the road can be monotonous. Life on the road can be romantic.

Life on the road can be life affirming. Life on the road can be soul destroying.

Truth is: no one at Clash exactly knows what life on the road is like because none of us (gasp!) have ever made our living as professional musicians for a significant lengthy of time.

So in order to circumvent that, we've decided to ask a few new bands to put their thoughts to paper. Caveman are already cult heroes in their native New York, with Fat Possum supporting them on their Stateside jaunts.

On this side of the pond, Communion have snapped up the band inviting them to Europe for a whirlwind burst of headline tour dates. Scribbling down some postcards along the way, the results are a unique insight into the thought processes of a band on tour.

Check out the results now...

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