New album due on Mexican Summer
No Joy

No Joy are set to release their new album 'Wait To Pleasure' through Mexican Summer on April 22nd.

If No Joy's debut album sounded like it had been recorded with one mic plugged into a boombox then that's probably because it was. A ferocious piece of noise pop from the Montreal trio, it hinted at what they could become if those waves of melody could be coaxed beyond that feral barrier.

Now it seems that No Joy are ready to make that leap. The band recently sealed off sessions on their new album, one which finds them entering a proper recording studio for the first time.

'Wait To Pleasure' will be released on April 22nd, with Mexican Summer again providing a home for No Joy. Producer Jorge Elbrecht sat behind the desk, with the new material featuring piano, keyboards and elements of programming.

“We play as if the audience isn’t there, and we wouldn’t care if there weren’t anyone in the room at all, other than our band,” Jasamine White-Gluz said recently. “No matter what, we are making this music for ourselves.”

Here's preview cut 'Lunar Phobia'.

- - -

'Wait To Pleasure' is set to be released on April 22nd.

1. E
2. Hare Tarot Lies
3. Prodigy
4. Slug night
5. Blue Neck Riviera
6. Lizard Kids
7. Lunar Phobia
8. Wrack Attack
9. Ignored Pets
10. Pleasure
11. Uhy Yuoi Yoi


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