Industrial Light & Magic's First Feature Length Animation

Directed by Gore Vervinski of Pirates Of The Caribbean fame, Rango has Johnny Depp voicing the eponymous hero, a pet chameleon (in a shirt very like that belonging to Hunter S in 'Fear & Loathing'). He fancies himself as a bit of a hero and is soon given the chance to test his mettle when he's transported to the Wild West town of 'Dirt'.

'Dirt' is full of varmints and various despicable critters voiced by an all star cast featuring the talents of Ned Beatty, Bill Nighy, Alfred Molina, Ray Winstone and Clash favourite Harry Dean Stanton. So, really it's a spaghetti western with animals which sees Rango taking on the role of sheriff in a bid to rid the town of bandits and ne'er do wells.

It's the first full length animated feature from the Lucas film special effects stable 'Industrial Light & Magic'. Bit of a jump then from working on Star Wars and Iron Man. However, it's no doubt that this is the reason that it possesses a style of cgi animation that's less cutesy than one has come to expect from such genre films. All in all, it looks like great fun and we'll be looking forward to watching it in the Spring.

Rango hit's cinema screens in March 2011.


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