Adrian Utley speaks to Clash...
Adrian Utley

Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley has spoken to Clash, explaining that any new material from the band remains a long way off.

Bristol operates in its own time zone. A rich, fertile musical environment, each group from the city appears capable of producing era-defining content - yet at a snail's pace.

Portishead are a case in point. The band waited eleven years to deliver third album 'Third', but since then the various members appear to be more interested in side projects.

Adrian Utley has thrown himself into a period of experimentation, leading a large scale guitar group through a series of important compositions. A new recording of Terry Riley's 'In C' is out now via Invada, and the musician took time out to speak to Clash.

The full feature arrives tomorrow (October 24th) but we asked the guitarist about his wider plans. "I’ve got a couple of albums to mix and an album to produce" he said, before chuckling: "a Portishead album to write, with Geoff..."

Continuing, Adrian Utley reflected on the nature of conflicting schedules within the band. "Well, that’s part of the problem, really – we should actually be chatting about it! But all of us are getting on with millions of other projects" he said. "For instance, this weekend I’m going to Poland but also Geoff’s going with his band Beak. We’re playing the same gig! It’s a sort of Portishead side-project gig. There isn’t the timescale but really there should be. We’re having meetings at the moment about it."

So that's that. Wait out for a full interview on the site soon.

Here's 'The Rip'.

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