But carries on regardless...
New Order

New Order frontman Bernard Sumner has broken his leg, but decided to carry on with the band's current tour.

Reforming in controversial circumstances, New Order remain an often inspiring live act. With a pioneering catalogue to draw on, the Manchester legends are able to continually up the ante with each tour.

Currently travelling across North America, New Order were dealt a blow recently when Bernard Sumner broke his leg. Vowing to soldier on, the frontman has insisted that the tour go ahead as scheduled.

A "fracture" rather than a full break, the singer has refused to step down unless he is "physically unable to give it my all."

Bernard Sumner's statement in full:

"I have just been diagnosed with a bone fracture in my leg. Don't worry I'm not going to cancel the North American tour. I wouldn't do that. It just means that when I go on stage I am in pain and physically unable to give it my all. It's frustrating and makes performing very difficult but I'm doing the best that I can and ask for your understanding of the situation. As I was leaving a hotel one of the doormen said "Break a leg" apparently that's just what I have done ouch! Thank you I hope y'all still enjoy the shows."

(via Exclaim)

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