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Keysound are set to release their new compilation 'Keysound Recordings presents... This Is How We Roll' on March 25th.

Stepping aside from his familiar role as a journalist, Blackdown vowed to focus on his label work. The past year has seen Keysound hit new heights, even releasing - if myth is to be believed - a collaborative effort between Dusk, Blackdown and Burial.

A new compilation finds the label dealing with rather more certain talents. 'Keysound Recordings presents... This Is How We Roll' is set to be released on March 25th, and contains a few of the artists who have been burning ears round the label's HQ.

There are plenty of collaborations in sight, Visionist, Beneath and Wen teaming up on the mighty 'New Wave'.

Elsewhere, you can also find the VIP version of Wen's epic 'Commotion' while Epoch's new cut 'The Steppenwolf' also makes an appearance. Here's a quote from Blackdown:

"This compilation is a new chapter for the Keysound family; reflecting a new wave of hungry, talented but under recognised producers building their own sounds. There's light and shade, momentum and arrest, tenderness and anger, strangeness and familiarity - there's even a club banger whose drums run backwards. The only thing that unites it is a 130bpm heartbeat. I'm not sure where it's all come from or where it's all going but you can feel the sense of momentum building."

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Visionist, Beneath & Wen 'New Wave'
2. Beneath 'PVO'
3. Samrai 'Hear Me Now'
4. Visionist 'Dangerous'
5. Wen 'Commotion VIP'
6. Double Helix 'LDN VIP'
7. Epoch 'The Steppenwolf'
8. Dusk + Blackdown ft Farrah 'Lonely Moon (Android Heartbreak drumz remix)'
9. Fresh Paul 'Blaster'
10. Mumdance & Logos 'In Reverse'
11. Gremino 'Monster VIP'
12. Rabit 'Satelite'
13. E.m.m.a. 'Peridot'
14. Moleskin 'Burst'


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