With exclusive Pete Doherty interview

The latest issue of Clash hits the shelves today with an exclusive interview with Pete Doherty.

There’s only one thing to expect when dealing with Pete Doherty, and that is the unexpected. Arranging the exclusive Clash interview with Pete ahead of his eagerly awaited solo album, we were launched into a week-long hunt as the elusive enfant terrible slipped quietly off the radar...

Read the uncut transcript of the interview on ClashMusic here.

This time last year we brought you a brace of young hopefuls. Twelve months later and the wheel has turned full-circle, allowing us to present a new squadron of low-flying mavericks.

There is also a great free download album featuring Chairlift, The Phantom Band, Three Trapped Tigers, Baddies, The Soft Pack, Amazing Baby, Drums Of Death, High Places, Peggy Sue, Calories and Titus Andronicus.

Listen to, and download, the Nudie Naked Talent album on ClashMusic here.

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