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Bert Jansch

A new book focussing on the life of legendary guitarist Bert Jansch is in the works.

A dextrous, nimble, innovative guitarist, the allure of Bert Jansch stretches far beyond alternate tunings and capo placings. Shrouded in mystery, his existential stance created a new paradigm for the British folk songwriter.

Sadly passing away in 2011, a new book aims to shed some light on the seminal musician. Heather Jansch has collated some of her memories for publication, including some poignant photographs from their time together.

The two married in 1968, staying together during a tumultuous time in the guitarist's life. Bert Jansch formed one fifth of Pentangle, whose enormous fame allowed them to take their jazz-folk sound around the globe.

Remaining close after their separation, the two only divorced in 1988. Commenting on his life and work, Heather Jansch said: "I was truly privileged to witness first hand how brilliance came from absolute concentration and persistence, from fierce determination and refusal to quit. He had no interest in possessions or in fame and was mostly oblivious to his surroundings so long as he had his guitar and a pencil. His was an intensely personal musical genius that could not be contained. He would play for eight hours and more a day, every day, practicing, always practicing until he caught the elusive combination of sounds and words fluttering on the edge of consciousness."

Containing letters, personal artefacts and more, 'Bert Jansch - Living with the Legend' will be released on December 2nd. Begun as a statement released following the guitarist's death, the book quickly spiralled into a deeply personal examination of their time together, as the author explains:

"Writing it unleashed a torrent of memories; our days together came flooding back to me. Three weeks later at his funeral, meeting people from our past triggered even more recollections. I was still receiving emails and phone calls from people of our generation for whom his passing had left a terrible void, they wanted to know when my promised autobiography would be published since they assumed it would contain something about the years Bert and I spent together in his heyday. It become apparent that there was a need for a book that would tell something of the man, the very private man, behind the music, propelled to a life he never sought. Begun as a personal and cathartic wake, thirty thousand words later I was still writing and a book was emerging. Now nearly two years on, it is done. I hope those who loved him and his music will find it a fitting tribute."

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