It's due out early next year...
Neneh Cherry

Neneh Cherry has paired up with Four Tet to produce her first solo album in 16 years.

Often tagged with her (admittedly fantastic) hit single 'Seven Seconds', Neneh Cherry has spent the best part of two decades making furiously uncompromising music. After all, if your step-dad is avant jazz hero Don Cherry then you probably have more right then most to wander through the left field...

Last year saw Neneh Cherry experiment with Swedish jazz collective The Thing. Recording a series of new tracks and cover versions, the results were gathered on the widely acclaimed (check the Clash review, for example) album 'The Cherry Thing'.

Now the singer has decided to pair up with Four Tet for a new album. Due to be released under her own name - thus making it the first Neneh Cherry solo album for 16 years - it also features London group Rocketnumbernine, while Robyn makes a guest appearance.

Recorded in a five day period, Neneh Cherry reflects: "It was a liberating experience, not endlessly trying to fiddle with the music, re-recording hundreds of times. These days it's easy to create any effect or sound on a computer; it is much harder to get the rawness I think we've achieved".

More details are set to be unveiled over the coming weeks.

Clash spoke to Neneh Cherry last year and found her to be a warm, welcoming and downright funny interviewee - check out that feature HERE.

For now, here's Four Tet remixing 'The Cherry Thing' track 'Dream Baby Dream':

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