'Le Noise' due for release

Legendary songwriter Neil Young has unveiled the tracklisting for his new album 'Le Noise'.

Neil Young is going through an extremely creative spell. Eager to lay his past to rest, the Canadian songwriter issued the exhaustive 'Archives' box set last year, containing many wonderful rarities.

Bookending this, however, are two typically creative albums. Released in 2008, 'Fork In The Road' was a concept album based around the invention of electric cars, containing some daring songwriting.

Returning to the studio earlier this year, Neil Young hooked up with producer Daniel Lanois. Best known for his work with U2 and Bob Dylan, the producer helped Young construct some solo material.

While 'Fork In The Road' was an electric album, this new effort seems to be acoustic based. 'Le Noise' will be released on September 27th and in a new announcement Neil Young has confirmed the tracklisting.

Kept down to eight tracks, the album opens with 'Walk With Me'. Little is revealed by the tracklisting, although 'Angry World' and 'Hitchhiker' would seem to suggest that Neil Young is keen to explore counterculture themes once more.

Finishing with 'Rumblin'' the album is apparently quite different from the usual acoustic format. Speaking to Billboard, Daniel Lanois said that the pair had "taken the acoustic guitar to a new level".

Recorded in Los Angeles, sessions were completed shortly before Daniel Lanois suffered a motorcycle accident. Rushed to hospital, the producer is now on the mend and should recover before the release of the album.

Neil Young is due to release 'Le Noise' on September 27th. Tracklisting:

'Walk With Me'
'Sign of Love'
'Rescue Me'
'Love And War'
'Angry World'
'Peaceful Valley Blvd'

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