'Psychedelic Pill' due in October

Neil Young & Crazy Horse are set to release new album 'Psychedelic Pill' in October.

It seems that Crazy Horse albums are a bit like buses - wait long enough, and two come along at once. Earlier this year, Neil Young hooked up with the group to record 'Americana' a series of folk songs put through the thresher.

Now the songwriter has outlined plans for a second album of original material. Across the weekend, Neil Young's official website reported that new full length 'Psychedelic Pill' will be released in October.

Available on 2-CD and triple vinyl, the release seemingly finds Neil Young & Crazy Horse returning to their epic roots. Famed for lengthy live concerts, the group stretch standards - think 'Like A Hurricane', 'Cortez The Killer' - into 20 minute plus performances.

Tying in with 'Americana', 'Psychedelic Pill' will be accompanied by videos for each track. A high resolution 24/192 full fidelity version of the album 'Psychedelic Pill' - recommended by sonic-phile Neil Young - will be released on Blu-ray and will include all the videos.

The low resolution iTunes downloads - which Neil Young frowns upon - will also be accompanied by videos.

Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Oh Susannah

'Psychedelic Pill' will be released in October.

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