Spectacular show from trio

Muse kick started their epic two night stint at Wembley Stadium by flying an enormous UFO over the crowd.

Muse don't do things by halves. The band boast one of the most jaw dropping live shows around, a cataclysmic mixture of lazers, epic riffs, wailing vocals and countless thousand fans going crazy.

Opening their UK tour last week, Muse rocked Lancashire Country Cricket Ground. Travelling across the country, the enormous shows concluded with a two night stand at Wembley Stadium.

The cradle of English football was invaded by huge numbers of Muse fans, who were given a spectacular show. The trio use an enormous inflatable UFO, which swooped down over fans at the show.

Flying across the stage, the UFO dropped silver glitter on the heads of the crowd. The spectacular show saw Muse keep audience interaction to a minimum, rarely speak to the thousands of fans congregating on the venue.

Amongst the other stunts was the appearance of a marching troupe bearing an enormous flag. The troupe bore the slogan 'They Will Not Control Us' taken from their recent hit 'The Uprising'.

Reaching back throughout their career, Muse focussed on their recent album 'The Resistance'. A typically epic show, the trio found time to drop in their cover of Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'.

At one point the band played a short instrumental version of 'House Of The Rising Sun' made famous by The Animals. Ending with a storming rendition of 'Knights Of Cydonia' the band departed to huge cheers from the crowd.

Muse played Wembley back in 2006, and took video cameras with them. Resulting in the concert film 'HAARP' fans have speculated over whether these latest shows will be released on DVD. Watch this space...

Muse played the following tracks:

'Supermassive Black Hole'
'New Born'
'Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)'
'Butterflies & Hurricanes'
'Guiding Light'
'United States Of Eurasia'
'I Belong To You (+Mon Cœur S'ouvre à Ta Voix)'
'Feeling Good'
'Undisclosed Desires'
'House Of The Rising Sun'
'Time Is Running Out'
'Unnatural Selection'
'Soldier's Poem'
'Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1: Overture'
'Stockholm Syndrome'
'Take A Bow'
'Plug In Baby'
'Knights of Cydonia'

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