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Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons have claimed that they are the victims of reverse class bias in the UK.

Mumford & Sons have always divided opinion. Lead singer Marcus Mumford comes from a famously wealthy background, while the band's cause isn't helped by David Cameron's vocal approval.

Huge in the United States, it seems that our American cousins can enjoy music without viewing it through the lens of a highly developed class system.

Speaking to Q Magazine recently, Mumford & Sons lamented British attitudes. "There is a reverse snobbishness in England towards that sort of stuff," the group's Winston Marshall said. "And I think that's one of the reasons we really enjoy America, 'cos we're classless."

Continuing, Marshall contrasted UK attitudes to American ones. "Class is a big issue here. And some people get picked on more than others. I think we probably do. I mean, it doesn’t help that we wear waistcoats and tweed the whole time."

Ted Dwayne added: "We’re not the first band who went to public school". True. Recent research suggests that some 60% of charting acts in 2012 enjoyed the benefits of a private education.

So what's your view? Are Mumford & Sons the victims of reverse class snobbery? Or is there something sinister about musicians from a wealthy background dressing as Victorian peasantry?

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