Former Smith Pens Memoirs

Former Smith and now a solo star in his own right, Morrissey has revealed that he is set to pen his memoirs it has been reported.

Stephen Patrick Morrissey has had one of the longest, and most celebrated, careers in modern music. As frontman with The Smiths he virtually defined independent music in the 80s, and his twenty year solo career has seen him reach the Top Ten and be branded as a racist by some members of the press.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2 the singer revealed that that book would span his career in music, although he did not reveal how much of the tome he had written.

"So much crap is written about me, it's hard to live with sometimes," he said. "It all gets burned down in history and becomes a part of your legacy."

Perhaps the best book available on Morrissey is Johnny Rogan's hefty work on The Smiths titled 'Morrissey & Marr - The Severed Alliance'. A brilliant work of journalism it nonetheless earned Rogan the wrath of the Mancunian singer who publicly wished death upon the author.

There is no release date for Morrissey's autobiography.

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