Website row continues

Morrissey has controversially thrown the owner of a fan-site out of a solo show in Denmark.

Everyone has to accept criticism. See those comment boxes at the bottom of ClashMusic? Sometimes people use them to slate the website, but the team have to take them on our collective chin.

Morrissey, though, has other ideas. At a recent show in England the singer appeared onstage wearing a t-shirt which bore the simple message 'Fuck' - aimed at a well known fan site.

The move caused huge discussion amongst the singer's fan base, who are arguably responsible for keeping his profile high during lean years.

Now the singer has made his next controversial move. Superfan David Tseng flew 5000 miles from Los Angeles to Copenhagen to see the singer in concert, only to be surrounded by security and frog-marched out of the venue.

Later, Morrissey issued an official statement banning the fan from attending any of his concerts. His crime? Running "Mr Tseng, via his poisonous website, has caused so much intentional distress to Morrissey and Morrissey's band over the years that Mr Tseng is not welcome at any Morrissey shows."

Speaking to The Guardian, Tseng revealed that he was shocked and stunned by the news. "I've never intended to cause distress to Morrissey or his band. I post little commentary on the site, preferring to leave the discussion to site users – he seems to blame me for his fans' opinions" the web owner mused.

"I don't agree with every post on there but I believe in free speech – I don't like to censor, which is something he is supposedly against."

Continuing, Tseng accused Morrissey of wanting to control his fan base. "It's a control thing. If he doesn't have control of the site then he doesn't like it – he wants to knock it down. I think it's because he's having trouble getting a record deal so he's looking for someone to blame. He's frustrated."

Meanwhile, Morrissey's woes continued with a cancelled show in Sweden. Due to play in Helsingborg last night (July 14th) the indie icon pulled out of the outdoor show after rain began to fall.

Issuing a statement on True-To-You (Morrissey's preferred web partner) a spokesperson for the singer said: "Due to severe weather conditions the open air concert at Helsingborg (July 14) is unable to take place for reasons of public and artiste safety".

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