At Shhh! event

Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite is set to appear at London's one day Shhh! Festival next year.

With Mogwai returning next year, fans are bracing themselves for a no doubt spectacular tour. Famed for their volume, the Glasgow based group have a stunning control of dynamics moving from quiet to LOUD at the flick of a switch.

Now guitarist Stuart Braithwaite is set to appear at an unusual London event. Shhh! Festival takes place at Cecil Sharp House in Camden, and aims to explore the quieter side of the musical experience.

Stuart Braithwaite will play a solo set, although it is not known what this will constitute. Ambient guitar noise? Electronica? ClashMusic wouldn't like to guess, but hopefully the set will emphasise that there is more to Mogwai than volume.

The Glasgow band are currently preparing to release their new album 'Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will' on February 14th.

Elsewhere, the London Snorkelling Team are set to appear alongside sets from Fos, Dana Falconberry and more. Mixing various styles and genres, organisers have also confirmed a set from Still Corners.

The London based newcomers impressed earlier this year with their seven inch single 'Endless Summer'. A superb first blast from Still Corners, their hushed indie pop is matched by a fragile stage show.

Mixing music and film, Still Corners are due to appear at Shhh! alongside Bleeding Heart Narrative, Judson Claiborne and more. The atmosphere will be kept to a low volume, with "shhushers" set to ensure that any audience chatting is kept to a minimum.

Tickets are on sale now.

Shhh! is set to take place on January 22nd.

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