Watch 'Shipwreck' now

Modeselektor are streaming the video for their new Thom Yorke collaboration 'Shipwreck'.

German bass munchers, Modeselektor's music rampages past any genre boundaries critics would care to place in their way. Rarely has left field electronica been so immediate, so physical, so engaging.

So it's easy to see how Thom Yorke could become entranced by the German group. Invited to take part in sessions for their new album, the Radiohead singer assisted Modeselektor in the construction of two tracks.

'This Life' and 'Shipwreck' help form the spine of new album 'Monkeytown'. Now 'Shipwreck' has been given a visual accompaniment courtesy of director Tony T Datis.

The film maker has poor English, and due to Thom Yorke's diction apparently could not follow the lyrics. As a result, the video shares the same sense of desolation as 'Shipwreck' without encompassing the same themes directly.

From the Modeselektor site...

- - -

"Shipwreck" is a collaboration between Modeselektor and Thom Yorke, who wrote that track - along with "This" - during a one day studio session at Modeselektor's studio in Berlin.
"Shipwreck" is one of the most particular songs on "Monkeytown" and therefore was chosen as the first album single ((hysical + digital release date Nov 4th) of Modeselektor's just released third album "Monkeytown" (Monkeytown015).

The video has been directed by Tony T. Datis and features an abandoned boy and his fight for survival in a post apocalyptic world. Datis didn't try to translate the lyrics but the whole mood of the track into images and created a dark, but still hopeful vision.

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Sadly, ClashMusic can't bring you the video directly. Modeselektor have placed it behind a wall on their Facebook page, simply click 'Like' to unlock the 'Shipwreck' video and watch it now...

'Monkeytown' is out now.

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