Over the impact of streaming...

Moby and Thom Yorke have sparred on Twitter with the issue of streaming.

Thom Yorke isn't a fan of Spotify. Speaking frequently on the issue, the Radiohead songwriter has taken the company to task to what - in his eyes - looks like an unwillingness to assist new music.

The comments have turned streaming into one of the year's main discussion points, with a flurry of think pieces emerging online expanding on the issue.

Moby entered the fray over the weekend, posting a short note on Twitter. "Artists who are adaptable are doing fine. A musician who makes records, tours, DJs, remixes, does music for video games and films is doing fine. I love Thom Yorke, but when I heard him complaining about Spotify, I’m like, 'You’re just like an old guy yelling at fast trains."

Thom Yorke, though, was not amused. Responding, the Radiohead singer said he was a "Luddite" and "proud of it".

Expanding on his thoughts, Moby said:


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