Featuring Max Cooper, Dreams and more...

Irish producer MMOTHS has released a free remix EP based on his recent project 'Diaries'.

Speckled electronics with a delicate touch, MMOTHS constructs music with a rare sense of fragility. Recently returning with new EP 'Diaries', Jack Colleran seemed to take another stride forward in his creative evolution.

It's not gone un-noticed. Taking a glance at our Twitter feed, it seemed that every producer, DJ or tastemaker was citing MMOTHS as a potentially massive new talent.

Handing over the stems from 'Diaries' to some admirers, the producer has gathered the resulting remixes onto a new EP.

Featuring Tuff Sherm, Max Cooper, Dreams, Regal Safari and more, this is a fascinating into insight into how other artist's perceive MMOTHS' output.

Stream the remix EP below.

Download 'Diaries' remix EP HERE.


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