Listen to preview cut 'All These Things'

Irish producer MMoths is set to release new EP 'Diaries' in March via SQE.

Real name Jack Colleran, MMoths is a producer who combines a rare sense of imagination with a real idiosyncratic streak. Following his own path, new EP 'Diaries' is set to be the artist's most personal document yet.

Set to be released in March through SQE, 'Diaries' features contributions from R&B newcomer Young & Sick and XL Recordings' own Holly Miranda.

Alternating between dense sounds and pastoral, beautiful melodies, 'Diaries' is seemingly just as autobiographical as its title.

A quote from Colleran: "The idea behind the name is - I decided to get a diary and take a camera with me, to try and document everything thats been happening over the past year. It started in Europe and moved to the States. I spent so much money on rolls and rolls of film. That lasted for all of 2 days. My camera broke, I lost my pen. In essence, these tracks took their place."

Preview 'All These Things' - featuring Holly Miranda on vocals - below.

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'Diaries' is set to be released in March.


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