Watch the singer in action!

Astonishing new footage has emerged from the last ever rehearsal by late singer Michael Jackson and you can watch it now.

Michael Jackson's death last week (June 25th) has sent ripples through the entertainment industry. Stars have lined up to pay tribute to the star, with even the President of the United States being moved to speak of his death.

With rumours surrounding his death, and the arrangements for his burial, it is perhaps best to remember Michael Jackson as an entertainer.

The singer announced a spectacular series of shows at the O2 Arena earlier this year. With colossal public demand the number of shows soon crept up to fifty, with tickets changing hands for huge sums.

Locking himself away in a Los Angeles dance theatre the icon began working on a new show. With hordes of dancers and much else besides, Jackson was due to perform a greatest hits set - ranging from the Jackson 5 to the present day.

However that will not now take place. Michael Jackson's death has robbed the world of a star performer just as he was due to make his comeback. However the singer's extensive rehearsals were professionally filmed and already there are rumours that these will be released as a DVD.

There is certainly demand for it. Michael Jackson currently occupies a record nine out of ten places at the top of the Billboard charts in the United States, with the singer scoring 43 out of the British Top 200 singles.

The rehearsals took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The center is strongly rumoured to be the site of a memorial due to take place on July 7th, although no details have been confirmed.

Check out Michael Jackson's final rehearsal below...


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