Publicist claims shows won't happen

King Of Pop Michael Jackson has been warned by a former publicist that he is in no shape to complete a massive 50 date residency at the O2 Arena.

Michael Jackson organised a press conference at the O2 Arena earlier this year. Announcing a series of dates at the enormous venue, the singer took the music world by confirming his first major live appearances in a decade.

However public demand was so huge that the number of appearances gradually crept up. Adding handfuls of appearances at a time, Michael Jackson wound up staring at a mammoth fifty night stretch that would extend into next year.

Due to begin in early June, the singer was forced to postpone the shows as his live act wasn't ready in time. Already the doubters are beginning to emerge, with pop pundit Pete Waterman warning fans that Jackson is not physically capable of completing the challenging shift.

Now is seems that a former publicist to The Jackson 5 echoes fears over Michael Jackson's health. The singer has been the subject of much press speculation recently, with British tabloids claiming the performer is suffering from skin cancer.

Arthur Phoenix is the advisor to Michael Jackson's brother Tito, and in a new interview Phoenix urges fans not to get their hopes up.

"I just don't see it happening. I think there were 10 shows planned and then ticket sales were overwhelming and another 40 concerts were added."

“But Michael is not mentally, physically or spiritually ready for these shows. There's something missing in his soul. He's like Mike Tyson - it's over!'

"There are family members who feel the same way but they're afraid to speak," reports Contactmusic.

According to reports Michael Jackson is already voicing concerns over the number of shows, telling fans outside of a Los Angeles dance studio that he was not made aware of plans to extend the residency.

Michael Jackson doesn't have his troubles to seek right now. The singer faces being sued after pulling out a Jackson 5 re-union last year, with lawyers threatening to have the O2 Arena run cancelled.

Michael Jackson is due to begin his O2 Arena run next month.

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