Studded glove goes for $190,000

The iconic sequine studded glove worn by Michael Jackson has fetched more than $100,000 at auction in the United States.

The first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death has been and gone. The singer passed away after an overdose of medicine administered by his personal physician, sparking an unprecedented wave of mourning.

The anniversary of the event passed by with little fuss, as fans chosen to create personal reminders of the singer. Michael Jackson was revealed to have earned over $1 billion since his death, mainly due to the explosive growth of his record sales.

Artifacts relating to his life have been selling well at auction, with his iconic sequine encrusted glove being sold at auction over the weekend. Worn by Michael Jackson on tour in 1984, it has become closely linked to the singer.

Taking place at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas, the auction contained a total of ten items relating to Michael Jackson. The glove fetched $190,000 a price well above estimates created by experts.

The loafers Michael Jackson wore onstage during the same tour were also sold, fetching much more than previous estimates. The shoes had been expected to fetch between $2,000 (£1,328) and $3,000 (£1,990), but went for $90,000 (£59,764), reports ABC News.

A jacket worn by Michael Jackson was sold at the same auction, fetching $120,000 - far beyond the initial estimate, which suggested it would fetch between $6,000 (£3,984) and $8,000 (£5,312).

Held to coincide with the first anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, the 'Thriller' icon was joined a host of other acts. The auction contained items from throughout the history of rock and pop.

A guitar played by Jimi Hendrix was also sold, raising more than $180,000 while items belonging to Elvis Presley, Prince, Kurt Cobain and more were also sold via public bidding.

Meanwhile, the Jackson family have filed a civil lawsuit against Dr Conrad Murray, the physician blamed for the death of the iconic singer.

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