First four shows postponed

King Of Pop Michael Jackson has left fans shocked and bewildered after announcing he is to delay the beginning of his residency in the O2 Arena.

Beaten and bruised, battered and tattered the pop genius of Michael Jackson was still left on the sidelines as the New Year dawned. His Neverland ranch had been sold to meet debts, with the singer left living in Los Angeles and attempting to auction his belongings.

However Michael Jackson has flung himself back into the public glare after announcing a sensational residency at the O2 Arena. Beginning with a mere handful of dates, the number of confirmed performances gradually crept up until the singer finished with an astonishing fifty night run - stretching over six months.

Immediately doubters and naysayers emerged, with pop guru Pete Waterman warning fans to attend the early shows as Jackson's health may not withstand the pressures of fifty performances.

But even that advice won't help fans now. Michael Jackson has delayed the opening of his residency, pushing back the first four shows into March 2010. Due to begin on July 8th the singer will instead start his ground breaking run on July 13th.

The July 8th show has been moved to July 13th, with the July 10th show moved to March 1st next year. The July 12th show will now take place on March 3rd, with the July 14th show moved to March 6th.

Randy Phillips of promoters AEG said that the delay was due to production concerns.

He said in a statement: "This show has grown in size and scope, thereby necessitating more lead time for manufacture of the set, programming the content for the massive video elements and, most importantly, more time for full production and dress rehearsals in the world's busiest arena, the O2.

"As much as we agonised over this change in the original schedule, we are sure the fans will understand when they experience the level of entertainment Michael Jackson intends to deliver while also ensuring the safety of the musicians, cast and crew and the crisp execution of the production."

The singer has also been the subject of much speculation in the press recently, due to claims he was suffering from skin cancer. In an interview with the New York Times the singer's doctor categorically denied Jackson was suffering from any illness.

Michael Jackson's O2 residency will now begin on the ominous date of July 13th.

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