Doctor denies press reports

Returning kingpin of pop Michael Jackson is at the centre of yet more press discussion, with rumours that he is ill.

Michael Jackson occupies a unique position in the pantheon of pop megastars. Part revolutionary genius, the man who led a charge by black America on MTV is also part Howard Hughes recluse.

Jackson's solitary life in his Neverland mansion led to numerous rumours about the star, however recent money problems have forced him to make a much publicised comeback. At a press conference earlier this year the star announced a residency in London's O2 Arena, lasting for only nine dates.

Unprecedented public demand followed, with Michael Jackson's official website clocking up countless millions of hits. The number of shows began to creep up, eventually surpassing Prince's total of 21.

Now set to perform an astonishing 50 shows in London over the space of several months, Michael Jackson could be about to perform an incredible pop comeback.

The singer was recently forced to move from Neverland to Los Angeles, where he was schedule to sell off thousands of personal items in a bizarre auction. Aside from ornaments and limousines fans could also purchase the gates from Neverland. But thanks to the new residency Jackson was able to halt the auction.

However, rumours of ill health have dogged the star with last year' MRSA scare just the tip of the iceberg. Recently British tabloid The Sun reported that Michael Jackson had cancerous spots and pre-cancerous cells on his face, but refused to name their "source".

However the singer's doctor has discredited these claims, stating to New York Daily News that the performer is in "the best of health".

Dr Tohme Tohme said: "He is great. He in perfect health… he doesn’t have any diseases whatsoever".

Tohme told the New York Daily News that recent rumours regarding Michael Jackson's health were "not true".

Michael Jackson is due to begin his 50 show residency at London's O2 Arena in July.

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