Featuring Buraka Som Sistema and more...

M.I.A. has released a new download EP featuring remixes from Buraka Som Sistema and more.

Let's get this out of the way first: M.I.A.'s year did not go to plan. Returning with her third album, many anticipated an album that would infiltrate the mainstream yet not lose sight of her magpie sensibility.

While by no means a failure, 'MAYA' failed to light up the charts. A few PR disasters later and suddenly the doubters had come out of the closet, ready to cry Emperor's New Clothes (Empress?) at the Sri Lankan singer.

Finishing the year with a really-rather-good mixtape, M.I.A. looks set to put her mistakes behind her. The singer's stunning ability to pick new producers was put to one side, with M.I.A. herself compiling the tape.

Showcasing her taste in global dance scenes, the free download tape reminded fans that M.I.A. was still capable of fusing pop culture with the underground. Partially inspired by the ongoing Wikileaks court case, 'Vickileekx' is an inventive, sometimes confused release which is rarely less than riveting.


ClashMusic is looking forward to downloading the singer's new remix EP. Courtesy of her label Interscope M.I.A. has assembled a crack team of producers who have delivered four distinct takes on 'Internet Connection'.

Portuguese group Buraka Som Sistema are old friends and collaborators, delivering a typically pounding remix. Elsewhere, Flux Pavillion take part while Huoratron and Tony Senghore deliver their own track on 'Internet Connection'.

In fact, you can download the Huoratron remix HERE.

Battling back to save her reputation, M.I.A. may have to prove herself all over again.

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