Featuring new material...

M.I.A. has prepared a brand new mixtape for fashion brand Kenzo - stream it below.

Strange times for M.I.A. The singer's career appears to be in a state of flux, recently switching labels and releasing her re-energised single 'Bad Girls'.

Working on new material, M.I.A. was invited to craft a mixtape for Kenzo. The soundtrack for one of their runway shows at Paris Fashion Week, it is named 'MATANGI Mix' and seems to hint at new material.

'MATANGI' of course is the name of the singer's much speculated upon new album, which - as Stereogum point - is expected to be released next month. The mix itself is as you would expect it - pilfering from musical forms across the globe, M.I.A.'s magpie touch is very much evident.

Listen to it below. (via MatangiMixtape.com)

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'Matangi' is expected to be released next month.


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