"We're both sorry"

Brooklyn space cadets MGMT have continued to apologise for their new album 'Congratulations'.

Arriving with a parcel of perfect pop singles, MGMT seemed irresistible in 2008. The band dominated the critical polls, and even scored a couple of genuine hits.

Fast forward two years and the situation for their second album could hardly be more different. 'Congratulations' has lowered itself into a bath full of confusion and misapprehension, with the initial reaction of fans proving to be scathing.

Speaking to the New York Times, Andrew Van Wyngarden claimed that "we should really be listening to, like, the masses instead of making an album that no one is going to like."

Containing just nine songs 'Congratulations' is an awkward listen, with MGMT moving towards an art rock direction. Receiving mixed reviews, the band's comeback single 'Flash Delirium' was issued alongside an apology from the band.

Speaking to The Guardian, MGMT again tried to soothe over the misapprehensions of fans. Ben Goldwasser said of the album: “We don’t know why anyone let us do this.”

Continuing, the singer claimed that "anyone that thinks we’ve intentionally committed commercial suicide with this album, it’s far from it. If we really intended to do that, we’d be really good at it.”

Meanwhile, Andrew Van Wyngarden cited Royal Trux as an inspiration for commercial suicide. “We’d make an album like Royal Trux’s 'Sweet Sixteen'. You know that? With the toilet on the front full of shit and puke? So, you know, please don’t see this as that attempt. Because it would be a sorry attempt at commercial suicide. Really.”

MGMT's new album 'Congratulations' is out now.

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